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I can help you be easily understood.

Learning a language is about communication.
It is essential to be understood.
I can help you.

When I started teaching in 2003 I was amazed! Most students had been working hard learning English for many years at school. However when they arrived in Australia there was a big problem. They found it very difficult to be understood. I know why. These students weren’t given the opportunity to practise their English speaking skills.

There was also another problem. The listening materials they heard in their classrooms were of one particular accent, usually American or English. Everyone speaks English with an accent. There is no perfect accent. It is very important to listen to a wide variety of accents.

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Pronunciation is a physical skill. You are experiencing difficulty because you need to train your mouth, lips and tongue to move in a specific way to produce English sounds. You do not have all the English sounds in your native language. You need to re-train your face to move in a particular way.

Learning via Skype is perfect as you can hear and see the way my mouth moves and copy me. It is a good idea to have a mirror beside you when you are taking your pronunciation lesson to make sure your mouth is moving in the same way as mine.

  • I will identify the sounds you find difficult to pronounce and give you exercises to help you produce these sounds correctly.
  • You will practice a variety of activities including individual sounds, syllable stress, sentence stress and intonation .
  • I use the international phonetic symbols which will help you to independently pronounce words in an understandable manner when speaking English.
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