What will you learn?

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Do you feel shy when speaking in a classroom full of students?

ESL Elf will give you the confidence you need.

  • You can improve your fluency by presenting either a book, movie or restaurant review. I will help you with any pronunciation problems you may have.
  • You can practise a presentation.  I will give you detailed feedback.  Then you can confidently present your work to either colleagues or university classmates.
  • We can focus on job interview skills.  Perhaps you have an upcoming interview for a University course.  I am happy to role play and provide guidance for any future interviews you may have.  I can also provide you with a list of typical question and answer guidelines.  This information will give you the confidence to impress your interviewer.
  • We can discuss any topics you are interested in.  My hobbies include gardening and reading.  What are your hobbies?
  • Listening

    Do you have plans to emigrate or travel?

  • I can find materials with a particular accent (eg. American, Australian or Scottish). Then I can help you identify sounds or phrases which may be difficult and we will work on these areas together.
  • You can watch TedX talks on any topic you are interested in for homework. Then in your next session we will discuss the content to ensure you have fully understood the talk.
  • Reading

    Join my unique ESL Elf book club click here.

  • You will meet other English students.
  • You will feel confident when you join the discussion as you have had time to prepare answers to specific questions.
  • Reading is a great way to increase your vocabulary.
  • Writing

    Do your writing skills need improving?

  • I can help you rewrite your CV in English.
  • We can start a Blog together and you can keep an online record of your progress.
  • I can assist you in publishing your work in an online magazine written by English language learners www.interesteng.com
  • writing
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    IELTS Preparation

    Do you want a higher IELTS score?

  • If you want to improve your score for academic or emigration reasons, we can work on IELTS practise tests together.
  • Do you have any questions?

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